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Supporting innovators and startups

Together with Fujita Corporation’s Open Innovation Department (Japan) we’re committed to helping innovators and startups introduce new technologies and new ways of working into the construction industry. We can help you do this  by:


  1. Through our worldwide presence in construction, we can provide venues, support and assistance for site trials and early adoption of new technologies.  

  2. In collaboration with the scientists and engineers at our Technical Center in Atsugi (Japan) we can help test develop and scale-up early-stage technologies in amazingly well-equipped construction laboratories 

We are particularly interested in new business models and technologies in the areas shown below. If this aligns with your technology, please get in touch to find out what we can do for your start-up.


Image by NASA

Smart Cities

Image by Jared Brashier

Augmented Construction

Image by Sebastian Unrau


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