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Smart cities

The Internet of Things (IoT) provides new ways of connecting urban functions and data to deliver the next-generation city – smart, livable and sustainable. 

Fujita is committed to playing a leading part in this revolution in three key areas: Smart utilization of IoT, the sharing economy and the environment. 


Image by Dan LeFebvre

Smart use of IoT

We’re interested in devices that enrich the lives of people through making the buildings they live and work in smarter, healthier, more energy-efficient and more cost-effective to manage.

Image by Daniel Adams

Sharing economy

We live on a planet of finite resources. So we’re interested in shared services that make more efficient use of materials and energy - ideas like repurposing empty houses or implementing citywide micromobility solutions  

Image by Lacey Williams


Smart cities are also resource-ffieicent cities. We’re interested in working towards the circular economy - with local production for local consumption and efficient waste management 

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