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At Fujita Americas, we help Japanese clients with construction projects across the Americas. As an experienced Japanese general contractor working with outstanding local people across the USA and Mexico, we can deliver the perfect blend of cutting-edge technologies and high-quality services. We’re committed to using the right tools for the right job - including BIM solutions.

Our own local employees provide reliable support for our customers’ overseas strategies, enabling us to deliver everything from preliminary property surveys and basic design to post-construction maintenance.

Our Parent company, Fujita Corporation, has long relationships with many automobile companies such as Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, their suppliers and other companies in different business.


Our experience in the Americas enables us to deliver you the best results.


Fujita Americas Construction Division established in 2018 to help our clients as a design-builder and owner’s representative work. We are licensed as a General Contractor in TN, AL and NC as of June 2020.

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